lunes, 1 de agosto de 2016

Reseña de “A Wedding Miracle"


She’s a rabbi. He’s a minister. Can they overcome their differences to find Heaven on Earth? 

Rabbi Heidi Gold is overjoyed when her best friend Ari asks her to officiate her wedding. Heidi’s mother, of course, is overjoyed at all the successful young single Jewish men she’s bound to meet at the reception. But at just twenty-five years old, Heidi isn’t looking to settle down… that is, until she looks across the dance floor and sees heaven personified in a handsome stranger.

Pastor Sam White loves counseling newly engaged couples even though being married to God has always been enough for him, personally. That’s why he can’t understand his irresistible draw toward Heidi. Although she is beautiful, faithful, and kind, is clearly all wrong for him. Still… what could once dance hurt? 

They’ve never met before, so why does it feel like their hearts have known each other all along? Will Heidi and Sam find a way to overcome their differences and experience the full beauty of God’s love on Earth? Find out in A Wedding Miracle, inspired by Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings & A Fiasco Kindle World!